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  • Is everything made by you? What is the process?
    Yup! Each piece starts with a lump of moist clay. I wedge it (sort of like kneading), form a vessel on the wheel or by hand-building, then let it dry until it's leather-hard. Then I trim it, carve it, underglaze it, or etch it. If it's a vessel that needs a handle, I pull and attach it. I allow the piece to dry slowly and evenly until all the moisture is evaporated (this is called "bone dry"). Everything is loaded into the kiln for a bisque fire which reaches about 1940 degrees fairehnheit. This first firing burns out organic material and hardens the clay to a point where it's easy to handle for glazing. The next step is glazing, which I do by dipping or painting. When glaze is applied, it's chalky and the "wrong" color! Blue glazes often look red until they're fired to maturity! My work is signed and carefully loaded into the kiln for it's second firing. This time, temps will reach 2200 degrees as the clay fully matures and glazes melt and become glass-like. When the kiln cools, I can inspect my finished work! A final sanding of any bare clay, and it's ready for me to photograph! When a piece is purchased, I package it myself and send it on it's way. From beginning to end, any one vessel will have been touched by my hands hundreds of times. I take pride in my work, and so much love goes into my process.
  • Is my new pottery microwave and dishwasher safe?
    The short answer is YES! I fire all of my work to vitrification (that's a fancy ceramics term for "fired to maturity") which means that unless otherwise noted, you can put it in the microwave or dishwasher. Please use the same caution you would use with any other ceramic dish, and keep in mind that things may bump around in the dishwasher. Pottery is meant to be used, but as with all things precious, use reasonable care.
  • Is it food safe?
    Yes! "Food safe" is a somewhat vague concept, but you can rest assured that I use only lab-tested glazes that have been deemed appropriate for food. None of my glazes or clays contain lead (this was a common issue wayyyy back when your grandma was painting pottery), and I maintain high quality control standards.
  • Why don't you have any inventory?
    Because I have amazing customers! My work is available in small batches (I upload when it comes out of the kiln), and it often sells out quickly. This is such a humbling experience, and usually means I don't keep things on the shelf for long. The best way to snag a piece of my work is to follow me on social media, and to sign up for email notifications so you know when to watch for a sale! You can also visit the "how it works" section of my website to learn more.
  • I missed out on something from your last sale, can I order one?"
    Everything is one of a kind, and while I can't replicate things exactly, I'm happy to put you on my custom order list! Currently the wait time is over a year, with an additional 4-6 weeks once your commission is accepted. You are not locked into anything by being on the wait list. Contact me to add your name!
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